Tony Coluccio, a native New Yorker first realized his passion for music when he was introduced to the piano at the age of 6.  After numerous years of intensive learning from respected music professionals in a wide array of music genre’s, he entered into the music business professionally at the age of 17 as an accompanist and vocal coach on Broadway.  After 8 years of helping artists and performers overcome barriers and realize their true potential, he went on to produce various artists at Broadbeard Productions.  Two of the more notable artists at that time were Regina and Reimy (Japan’s DebbieGibson).

In 1991, Tony moved on from Broadbeard Productions to develop his own production facility, Block Sound Studios.  During the next 5 years he proved to be a self-sufficient music machine and thus capitalized on the ‘Era of Remix’.  Tony’s entrepreneurial success in the industry attracted the attention of acclaimed music producer Tony Moran and he was recruited to join Moran Music.  While working closely with Tony Moran as his keyboardist, programmer and co-writer he developed a stronger understanding of musical arrangement as well as vocal production.  Tony used this knowledge while working with such superstars as Gloria Estefan, Barry Manilow, Patti LaBelle, Martine McCutchen and Jon Secada with whom he co-wrote six songs, three of which made Secada’s “Better Part Of Me” album, including the title track.  Tony was also involved in the arrangement and recording of a 48-piece string section for the song “Don’t let this moment end” on the ‘Gloria’ album.

Various New York DJ’s being familiar with Tony’s earlier remix work began contacting him with an interest in production partnerships.  In 1999, Tony Coluccio and Jonathan Peters teamed up to become a driving force in the world of dance music with such successful remixes as Whitney Houston’s ‘My Love Is Your Love’, Janet Jackson’s ‘Together Again’ and ‘Doesn't Really Matter’ and The Paula Cole Band’s ‘I Believe In Love’ just to name a few.  After establishing themselves as one of the top remix teams in the world, Tony and Jonathan decided to focus their creative energies and resources into forming their own production company. Two of their better known  productions include Bette Midler’s ‘In These Shoes’ and Reina’s ‘No One’s Gonna Change You’.  Tony’s true passion was to develop a young rising talent and after an intensive search a 13 year old artist from the Bronx, NY, was given a production deal with Tony and Jonathan. Due to a difference of philosophy in the area of artist development, Tony and Jonathan have since separated and Tony has formed Mindset Music with new partner Paul Felleti.

Mindset Music, which was formed in the 2003, is primarily a music production company whose main focus is on developing new artists.  Tony sees this as his opportunity to use all his years of experience and industry know how to follow through on his true passion of cultivating a raw talent into a polished industry superstar.